Khuzani KING Ndlamlenze Mpungose, new album "Inhloko Nesxhanti" shook the whole nation

December 10, 2019 macburnersa digital 0 Comments

Maskandi superstar or musician Khuzani Nkosikhona Innocent Mpungose, who is also well know as "Khuzani" shook the whole nation with his hew album titled "Inhloko Nesxhanti" this album was release few weeks back and it got the whole nation singing to the lyrics of his songs, from maskandi fans, his super fans, celebrities, actors and people from other countries

Quotes from social media

"Oh it's feels good to be your fan.yonke indawo ivimbanisile lengoma guess what bengikhuluma no Chris Breezy uth naye iringtone yakhe isilingo🤣

Up Khuba

"Up khuba wethu😘siyakuthanda e Australia 💙I just wanna say u are the king of maskandi🔵🔵you are a nkunzi esimavava.💙"

"U did what you always do ,you serve us with your best album it involved many hit on it please Khuzani keep on push with your passion as you do 😁😁😁 let us rise our home kwa Guqa "

"When are you coming to open a branch here in Nigeria? we call your name plough here in Nigeria we love your music but we don't love Zulu people that's means we don't love you we love your music"