ILLUMINATI, "they even said you will talk to snakes and taken to a place. Christians were going through so much" today's trends in twitter #macburnersa

December 05, 2019 macburnersa digital 0 Comments

ILLUMINATI, is one of today's trending topics on twitter, every one is sharing views on what they believe or believed while others tell the most funniest stories about what they heard from their parents family and friends.

Quoted from the platform

 "This group of people have only one motive, control. They gain control by loaning governments faux money. While in Billions and Trillions of debt, the countries and the people that live within, are basically owned by this entity. I'm sure you have heard of the "Illuminati"

"Since the secret ruling *insert Illuminati, Reptilians or mass corporations as appropriate* never rest, neither do we! C'ept today...bit shattered after last night tbh. Topics for next year: hit us up!"

 "The illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1 May 1776. They created a motto - New World Order. This seal could be found on the back of the US dollar bill."