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Let’s cut to the chase here. Who has time for reading stuff? There are songs to be written, gigs to be played, careers to be built!
So in this article you’ll find five actionable tips in five “Key Areas” (as I like to call them) of your music career that, when attended to, can cause radical results. And the cool thing is that you can do these things today.

TIP 1: Branding.

Let’s start with some questions: Ever wonder what you should post on social media and on your homepage when you’re in between events, shows and album releases? Still debating what to use as your header images?
How about making all of those things reflect one message:
What. You. Want.
Now is the time to do a sweeping update of your social media accounts and website to make sure they reflect what you want and who you are.

TIP 2: Pitching.

Every year, millions of kids line up and ask Santa for what they want for Christmas. They are excited to see him, and unabashedly tell him their wishlist with no fear he is going to say NO.
At some point along the way, we lose this courage and stop sharing what we want and asking for it. What to do today? Make a request of someone in a Yes/No question format- see what happens!

TIP 3: Engagement.

Build relationships online by commenting on others’ posts, asking questions about your followers to learn more about them, sharing others’ content (and tag them for extra cross-promotional benefits!), and replying to anything positive.

TIP 4: Money.

Okay, full disclosure: this tip is too big for one post. We’re going to really dig into this even more on the webinar. How you think about and relate to money can be the difference in how your year goes. I think about money like this: Money is like air… there’s enough for everyone, and the more you breathe in, the more you can breathe out. So, today, take a look at your last 6 months of money-in and money-out. Once you get a clear number of the AVERAGE you spend per month and the average you NEED, you’ll be able to get clear on how much you want to generate. Spoiler alert: it may in fact be lower than you think!

TIP 5: Getting It Done.

Do you have a task on your list that is always getting pushed back? Procrastination is one of the biggest barriers to a musician’s success. The fix? Break your big tasks down into specific micro-tasks. And (here’s the pro-tip) then schedule those tasks in your calendar, not on a to-do list or napkin or post-it.
Extra Pro tip: Don’t listen to the feelings/reasons/voices in your head to NOT do something. Do that thing instead of thinking about why you shouldn’t.