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The singer, producer, and song writer “Lungelo Mabaso” from Ladysmith based in Johannesburg also known as “Elkay Macburner” have finally decide to make 2019 his year by recording a studio album which consist of ‘11 songs’, the album is Afro pop with a twist of hip-hop, kwaito, EDM and Trap music. For 5 years having a dream to release his solo album ‘Elkay Macburner’ have finally been able to make his long wish and dream of releasing his studio album “Compilation Of My Raw Emotions (COMRE)” come true, not only a album with 11 tracks but a compilation of motivations and messages to heal all those who are in need of emotional and spiritual healing. With a mixture of different music elements from Afro Pop, Hip-Hop, kwaito, EDM and Trap music Elkay had a deep feeling that this album will bring together all the masses of all the music super fans to a single piece of an album.

Elkay Macburner says the past few years was a blessing to him because he managed to collect all the tools he need to make his golden piece of an album a success even though he went thru thick and thin to survive all the hardships of being a upcoming musician, he also mentioned that his wish is to heal all the broken, hopeless and rejected individuals who lost all the hope in life, that’s why you’ll find songs like “Uzokuph’Amandla, Keep your head up, and Vuka” which talks mostly about a life of a black man or woman who works hard to try and make a living out of his or her hustle.


Lungelo “Elkay Macburner” Mabaso was born and bred in Watersmeet, Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal, he grew up listening to many genres of music but his biggest influences came from the ones that fed his soul with raw emotions,
craziest underground HIP-HOP, AFRO POP, KWAITO and MASKANDI. As a singer he released his FIRST MASKANDI album IXHWALAKHE "Nguwe Owangilahla" in 2014 and a COMMERCIAL HOUSE album CASHMINERS "Be In Touch" in 2015 which both was not a success before His music career leaded him to Afro-Trap,Afro-Pop and Hip-Hop music. He participated in talent search shows like "IDOLS and The Lion King" from a young age, always knowing that this was what he wanted to do. He had been working with a recording studio called "SM ENTERTAINMENT" as a producer, vocalist, instrumentalist, graphic designer and a sound engineer for a period of five years producing “KWAITO, HOUSE, HIP-HOP, AFRO POP and MASKANDI music. He is no greenhorn when it comes to the stage, he has been able to share the stage with different underground and well known music artist like “DRENCKO, CHAKA DOLLA, MASEVEN OPSE and SBUDA P” from JOHANNESBURG.