Kisumu City's , Gabiro Mtu Necessary Collaborates With Teezeh To Unleash, Dansolo #macburnersa, #artistee, #100percentmusical

April 17, 2019 Macburnersa Digital 0 Comments

Kisumu city most sought after award winning rapper, Gabiro Mtu Necessary has joined forces with new act Teezeh to unleash, Dansolo
Under the umbrella to Grosspool Music the talented duo worked on the third single off Teezeh's new Transmission EP that is now available on all digital outlets.
Dansolo was co-written by Gabiro and Teezeh and produced by Videz of Hybrid Productions for Grosspool Music.  The eclectic urban groove, sweet melody and well-crafted arrangement Dansolo allows the distinct personalities of both artistes to shine through.
In his own words, Kisumu's most recognised and iconic voice, Gabiro said, “You only rise by lifting others up but not lifting up those who literally do not want to rise to the top and shine and that is why i chose to work with Teezeh on this song since he is always thirsty for being on the top.”
He continued, “Then there’s Videz whose sound and talent is unmatched.

Teezeh said “It was an honour to work with a Kisumu President. It was a nice experience working with a versatile rapper  to bring him to the urban side.”
The vocal performance of both artistes is superlative and unlocks a new fresh level of mash up sound making where two extremely talented people combine to create an unforgettable audio product. Dansolo is a true collaboration!
This song was recorded in Nairobi and mixed and mastered to the highest international standards. 
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