Burna Boy performed for the second time on the main stage of the Coachella Music Festival on Easter Sunday 21st of April 2019 at Indio, California

April 23, 2019 Macburnersa Digital 0 Comments

LA Times defined Burna Boy’s playing at Coachella as a way of “spreading the gospel.

“It’s good for people who haven’t heard me before to hear me,” Burna boy said, before his performance.

“Africa is like the home of everything. It’s the beginning of everything,” he said. “So it’s like whether or not you directly listen to African music, you have listened to African Music.” - Burna Boy

Afro Fusion is crossing over. We’ll have to wait until August 2019 when the ’African Giant’ album drops. Until then, we're keeping our ears on the ground and our eyes on the star as he continues the African Giant tour.

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