June 04, 2018 Macburnersa Digital 0 Comments

Theleastimportant, born Fundokuhle Xulu in Pietermaritzburg South Africa, is a young talented creative. Thematically theleastimportant keeps a dark and somewhat mysterious undertone throughout his lyrical compositions. his 1st lyrical breakthrough would be his song Shot Face that at the time was a lyrical representation of his early life. In 2016 he released a five track EP, deleting two of his songs later on in the year leaving three compositions. The EP gained a lot of attention generating more exposure for the young artist. later on in the same year we heard a transition in the rappers style, from a strict lyrical nature to something more experimental and alternative. Following these events came a two track EP, titled Lucid Screaming where he tells us about his struggles in the industry and his motivation to continue. Prior to this we hadn’t heard this much emotion from the artist. Later, his work ‘Suspect’, containing less dark subject matter along with a sense of self appreciation, shows us a happier side to the artist, how far he has come in the industry and the improvement in his lyrical compositions. Not only does he rap but he also produces under a confused Asian character by the name Choji Akogawa. This character was introduced to us in Torpid, a single that was produced under this allies. Choji contains airy and electro synthesizers with a combination of old-school boom-bap drum loops. the latest signs of Choji come in the form of a six track EP titled ‘Choji’s Tape’. in this EP he gives us an alternative side to his sound, bringing a more glitch feel along with electronic instruments that we’ve come to recognize from his earlier works. The young artists music can be related to that of an old school Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, MF DOOM, DeathGrips, JPEGMAFIA and countless others with similar influence. His lazy ‘back-pack rapper’ style is infused with raw, harsh lyrics accompanied by futuristic and expiramental beats.