June 12, 2018 Macburnersa Digital 0 Comments

‘August J’, the music band from Kyiv, released its second EP ‘A Long Way to Come Alive‘.

“After the release of EP 1, which had many references to our favorite bands, we decided that it’s time to search for our own sound. And we hope that we’ve succeeded“, – says Sergey Boussyghin, the bass guitarist.

“The basis of this mini-album is the assumption that when the person is born, it does not come to life, it is not disclosed. You need to go through a series of difficult tests to fully recover, it can take even decades. But this is the only way to feel yourself full-fledged “- says Eldar Efimenko, the guitarist.

“This EP is a story about the formation of man as a person. Each song carries a message related to this topic. Care has a rhythmic melody with hip-hop elements about falsehood and victory over it, Wires and Waves is a fast song inspired by the 80’s synths and tells us about disadvantages of technology, which won’t let us see humanity in ourselves. The Swing is about doubts and an attempt to find a balance between gregarious instinct and the preservation and defending our own “I”. Star Walk is a space ballade about love and a comparison of the most mysterious feelings to the infinity of the Universe “- comments frontman of the group Gleb Korostylev.

August J were formed in 2015. The team has one mini-album, a video clip on the Cold Touch track, and performances at several Kyiv festivals. In early October, a video single “Wires and Waves” was released. The band has been experimenting for a couple of years and chose the electronic sound, which reflects the essence of the group in their opinion.