February 12, 2018 Macburnersa Digital 0 Comments

Orçun Ayata is keeping on his works as mixing engineer, live mixing engineer, electronic music producer and radio programmer after completing sound engineering education in SAE Institute.

His first EP “Meaning” comprising of 3 songs of multiple kinds like electronica, ambient and trip hop have been released in 19th January 2018.

Orçun Ayata has been producing electronic music for 5 years as an amateur and he used the practice, experience and information he had during his music life in these 3 songs. In this period he got inspired of modern jazz as well as well known musicans in the field of electronic music like Emancipator and Nicolas Jaar.

Italian mixing and mastering engineer, multi instrumentalist Giancarlo Roberti has accompanied Orçun Ayata in the parts with trombone in two of his songs called “free will of a hill” and “a hopeful disease”. Orçun Ayata is the mixing and mastering engineer of all of his songs.

Album cover is a work of Kubra Yesil who has created designs for Anatolian Rock Revival before.